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We are very pleased that you are to look around on our site and now arrived on the page new customer information. Below we have listed some information that we would like to inform you here like. If you would like to have some information about the company, just click here


15% online discount new customers

New customers receive in our shop a new customer discount of 15%. 
The coupon code for the discount you will get new customers after the opening of an account. This will be sent to you at the end of the application automatically via email. 
The discount voucher can be redeemed as follows: 
  • Directly when you register in our shop - (via the input field Gutschein-/Couponcode) 
  • When you change to the shopping cart (over the input field Gutschein-/Couponcode) 
The discount will be deducted at the end of the purchase of the complete order. 
The new customer discount can be redeemed by a customer only once and is not transferable.


Data security in our shop

Your data is safe! 
All your data will be SSL encrypted transmitted to us. 
The entire ordering process and your personal data (My Account) are encrypted with 256 bit. You can see this also in the https: when you are on our sites. 
You can find our SSL certificate if you are on a SSL encrypted page such as 
  • in the ordering process
  • Create the account, 
  • personal information at "My account" 
If you press here on the https:bzw. Dovorstehende to the castle you get all the certificate information and the type of encryption.


Member of the Dealers Association

We are members of the trader's league. For more information about the trader's league and membership can be found by clicking on the logo.

Mitglied im Händlerbund


Tested Conditions

Conditions are checked by the dealer covenant. For more information about the exam and the validity Zetifikat you will find when you click on the logo.

Mitglied im Händlerbund



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